In The Gallery: Oblong

First Friday:
February 4, 2010 5-9 pm

Matthew Steele’s interests lie in methods of connection. Heavily motivated by infrastructure, Steele sees a certain poetry to the lengths we go to and to feel connected. He is interested in how our internal technologies are often reflected in the physical technologies that we produce.  There is desire in a highway. There is resilience in a dam. There is triumph in a bridge. These icons are steeped in intense labor.  They are manifestations of our grand intention; to transcend the greatest obstacles we know. It is Steele’s intent to personify or portray technologies of the self through depictions of these utilitarian endeavors.

Posted on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
in Dean Johnson Gallery

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In The Gallery: NFS

First Friday:
January 7, 2011 5-9 pm

An exhibition of internationally significant artists that come from private collections throughout the city, NFS demonstrates that young and budget-conscious collectors still have the ability to collect the work of artists that are in the collections of major museums across the country. Artists exhibited include Spencer Finch, Laura Owens, Elizabeth Peyton, The Starn Brothers, Brian Ulrich and many others.

Posted on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
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In the gallery: Faces in the Crowd

Closing Party on First Friday:
December 3, 2010 5-9 pm
Show extended through Dec. 11

Faces in the Crowd is a group exhibition paying homage to the folk art style of the face jug. Artists include Corey Jefferson, Brian Presnell, Nathan D. Pollack, Andre Jefferson, Sohail El-Rahaiby and Mandi DeVary.

Posted on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010
in Dean Johnson Gallery

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In the gallery: Selections from Garvey Simon Art Access

First Friday:
October 1, 2010 5–9pm

Dean Johnson Gallery is pleased to announce a new group exhibition, “Selections from Garvey Simon Art Access” curated by Liz Garvey and including the work of Ingrid Calame, Tara Donovan, David Morrison and others.

Posted on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
in Dean Johnson Gallery

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In the gallery: 3D

First Friday:
August 6, 2010 5–9pm

Dean Johnson Gallery is very pleased to announce 3D, an exhibition of new three-dimensional work by Lesley Baker, Cory Robinson, Gustavo Tovar and Ben Valentine. Working in both fine art and furniture design, these four artists present both functional and purely visual work that interacts and engages the viewers space. Furniture, sculpture and installation art are included in the exhibition and are made from materials ranging from the traditional to conceptual. All the work is contemporary and represents some of the strongest work currently being made in central Indiana.

Posted on Thursday, August 12th, 2010
in Dean Johnson Gallery