Related Work

The 2006 NCAA membership report focused on the 100th anniversary of the athletic association and contained a multi-page timeline of the last century, featuring key leaders throughout NCAA and American history.

The NCAA is committed to the highest levels of integrity, sportsmanship and excellence in the classroom. For the 2005 membership report, Dean Johnson focused on the NCAA values and the student-athletes as the true face of the organization.

The CHAMPS/Life Skills conference provides team building activities for individuals. While adhering to the overall NCAA brand guidelines, an exclusive “look” was created and applied to conference materials such as binders, nametags, and signage.

Women’s Basketball needed to assert itself as it’s own game, with it’s own brand. We developed a campaign for a coach’s conference during the Women’s Final Four based on the tagline “All Day. Every Day. Our Game.” The brand was applied to brochures, binders, invitations, signage, and a DVD video.